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Core Cutter Blades

Many of our core cutter knives are available in D2 and other steels.  
Call 860-315-9315 if you need additional information on our core cutter knives.  Please also see our single knife page for larger applications.  Our core cutter knives are manufactured to strict OEM tolerances and are manufactured with highest quality and longest life.  No minimum quantities on all of our core cutter blades.  If your core cutter blade application is non-standard, or if you are cutting cores that other than cardboard/paper, please call today to discuss your needs.

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CC1001  Dusenbery 229062 Dusenbery Style Core Cutter  .750"id x 4.00"od x .125"
CC1002 Coretech 601C 3.05" Coretech Core Cutter 
 .500"id x 3.05"od x .25" 
CC1003  Coretech 
  4.05" Coretech Core Cutter   .500"id x 4.05"od x .25" 
CC1004  Appleton    Appleton Style Core Cutter .312"id x 2.00"od x .062"  
 CC1005  Paco 90-K05 Paco Thin Web Core Cutter ..866"id x 3.00"od x .244" 
CC1006 Paco 
K-04 Paco Core Cutter Blunt 1.75"id x 5.50"od x .062"  

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